Baking kits for authentic German bread treats

for beginners and advanced bakers

Making bread at home was never easier. No more struggles to get the right ingredients. No sourdough is needed. Get all you need delivered to your door.

All our baking sets include


All ingredients are perfectly pre-measured
and made with organic flour. Mostly you just need to add some water.


With each bread making set you get a step-by-step instructions card, which will guide you to perfect results.


BREADISTA’s bread baking subcription boxes and beginner bread kits include
FREE shipping within the US.

Why BREADISTA’s bread kits?

Imagine you can make a delicious loaf at home with ease. You don’t even need a stand mixer or have to breed a sourdough.

Every single kit brings you on a baking journey through the German bread culture. You’ll learn how to handle and make traditional loaves and bread rolls the easy way. Whether you go with a set of baking kits, with our bread baking subscription box or with one of our bread & salt gift boxes, it’s a great choice for any occasion. High-quality ingredients and detailed instructions lead home bakers and bread lovers to delicious results.

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