Seeded Kastenbrot – Baking Box


Bake like a pro!

Enjoy a tasty sandwich loaf loaded with power. Plus get a kitchen tool and a delicious jam.

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This month bread kit for Kastenbrot gives you a full package of flavor and fibers. Thanks to a bunch of organic seeds and a perfect organic flour-mix you get a delicious loaf for sandwiches. Do you prefer the option ‘Cheese & Ham’? Perfect with some veggies inbetween. Or are you more the P&J type? No worries – both options are great on this healthy loaf!

‘Kastenbrot’ means in German a loaf which was baked in a loaf pan. (‘Kasten’ = ‘Box’) Americans like to name it ‘Sandwich Bread’ which is usually a bit airier than the German counterpart. It is also bigger to get XL slices for giant sandwiches. Our Kastenbrot is a combination and brings the best out of both sides.

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We already shopped for you and grabbed all ingredients you need for this recipe for an easy bake.

What you’ll get in this monthly baking box:
  • 1 baking-mix (23 oz) for Kastenbrot (~2lb loaf), packed in a printed and reusable cotton bag
  • a recipe instructions card as an easy step-by-step guide
  • a useful kitchen tool as always (will be disclosed as soon as we have confirmation)
  • a sheet of baking paper
  • 1 jar of the delicious seedless raspberry jam from Just Jan’s, straight here from California


  • FREE shipping in the US
  • 1 Box = 1 Meal to a Food Bank in America


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You need to add:
filtered water and oil

Tools you need:
9″x5″ loaf pan

Ingredients for this bread kit for Kastenbrot:
Organic Wheat and Rye Flour, Organic Seed Mix, Sea Salt, Yeast, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Malted Barley Flour

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