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After one and a half year in business we’re proud and very excited to announce a new product line of bread mixes!

As you may know, we started originally with our unique bread baking subscription box in February 2020. That’s also the reason for our url-address, in case you’ve been wondering about the ‘bakingsubcriptionbox.com‘. We then added our category ‘Set of 3‘ during the summer and the ‘bread & salt gift boxes‘ in the fall. Which both were a huge success!

Now – XL is the new size!

Organic Flour * Pure Ingredients * Artisan & Traditional * Authentic German Recipes

Thanks to our valueable customers we are able to grow and can send a message to the world – good bread is life. BREADISTA is my way to show and introduce you to my German bread culture. ‘Purity is the Law’ and you can taste it. We would never use enriched, bleached, bromated flour or add things that don’t belong in it. There are no unspeakable ingredients. Our customer’s trust, feedback and ideas are our foundation. All bread kits and bread mixes are created for total beginners and advanced bakers. 

Your body has a right to real food. Start enjoying bread again. Feed your body with a healthy way of bread. You can trust our proven quality. Always made with organic flour. Your taste buds will love it!

*My mission – I am convinced that anyone can make healthy bread at home. Everyone deserves to know what real bread is and what it tastes like.*

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Best wishes & happy baking,
Tanja – CEO & Founder of BREADISTA



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